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The Aftershock Volleyball Club: aim higher!

This volleyball association is much more than a volleyball club.

This is a sports association that aims to train the next generation of volleyball athletes in the province.

Aftershock Volleyball Club’s current activities are concentrated in the regions of the South Shore , Lake Saint Louis and Richelieu-Yamaska and we are expanding our expertise on a larger scale.

We provide the services of coaches and technicians to schools and sports associations wishing to train athletes who chose volleyball as their favorite sport. We act both academically and for civilian teams.

Aftershock Volleyball Club counts on the best coaches in the field to transmit their passion. Through the sport of volleyball, the club hopes to inspire every one of its athletes to strive to their full potential.

If you are a sports club, association or academic institution of the South Shore, Lake Saint-Louis and Richelieu-Yamaska, feel free to call on those who offer the highest coaching quality in volleyball.

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